One Year, Twelve Candles


The candle is a symbol we can all relate to. Flick we light the match with a pop and hiss the wick catches. A flame blooms up and the wax glows warmly. This sequence of actions is the same if you're lighting a candle in prayer or the candles on a birthday cake.

I want you to think back to a city street 150 years ago. In your mind's eye, look around. It's darker at night but a warm light emanates from the houses. Candles are burning strong in dozens of shapes sizes and configurations. But before end of the 19th century they would fade out. Gas and then electricity took over the job of providing light.

Today candles are a mood-setting novelty, they're a ghost of tradition.

For a while I have been curious about what candles could be in the 21st century. So over the coming year I will be making one candle experiment every month and sharing my process. It'll be a journey of interaction design, electronics, and imagination. Maybe it’ll be illuminating? Join me and find out.

Audrey FoxComment